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Online content digests for picky readers.



Take back control of your news feed algorithm.

Define the sources that you want to follow, customize filters to sort articles and content, and add plugins to automatically tag content or translate foreign-language news articles. You own the algorithm.


Design a distraction-free layout.

Create a beautiful digital magazine by applying custom themes to scraped content. Replace ads, popups, scroll-hijaking, and bloated online websites with a clean layout for reading. Or print out a PDF to read offline.


Share what you read with others.

Host your digests and the algorithms that generate them on the P2P web with Dat and Beaker Browser. Incorporate other people's readrc algorithms into your own to read the same things they do.



Join the discussion on GitHub issues.

Built with: Choo, Sheetify, Bankai, Nanocomponent, gr8, Dat, Beaker Browser, Cheerio, and Express

Shout out to Geoffrey Litt, Jon-Kyle Mohr (Enoki), Jon Gacnik, and P2P Web.

CC BY-SA 4.0 2018 Seth Thompson